1st Area Medical Laboratory
The 1st Area Medical Laboratory (AML) is a United States Army unit located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, subordinate to the 44th Medical Brigade and 20th CBRNE Command. The 1st AML, activated March 20th,
1942, deployed and participated in seven campaigns across North Africa and
Europe in World War II (1942-1945), five campaigns each in the Korean War
(1951-1953) and Vietnam War (1968-1970), Operation Enduring Freedom in
Afghanistan (2009), Operation United Assistance in Liberia (2014-2015), was
the first Army unit deployed in support of COVID-19 Response to 7 locations
across INDOPACOM and EUCOM, and continues to provide exceptional scientific
leadership on endemic and CBRN threats while sharing its unique expertise to
build relationships in INDOPACOM, EUCOM, and with DOD interagency partners.
The current command team consists of Colonel Dubray Kinney Sr. and Sergeant
Major Jackie S. Mims.
Mission: Deploy world-wide as a unit or by task-organized teams to perform surveillance, confirmatory analytical laboratory testing, and health hazard assessments of environmental, occupational, endemic and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats in support of force protection and counter WMD missions.